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FAQ for business
Who is it for?
We created booxi to help small businesses and professionals offering services to be online and more efficient managing their appointments and their business. We also wanted to help clients book appointments when they have time to do it. Consumers use their smartphones to find businesses and book, so you want them to find you where they look. booxi’s virtual assistant helps business owners and professionals manage their business in many ways including appointment management, client follow-up, communication, marketing, and by providing business advices. Any professional can use it, from Hairdressers, Massage Therapists, Electricien, Notaries to Babysitters and Dog Walkers.
What if I don't have a fixed working schedule?
booxi adapts to your way of doing business. You can be available for appointments at your open business hours, have a different weekly schedule, or at different time every week or every day. booxi allows you to have a weekly schedule or place strategic available time slots directly in your calendar. You can display your availability online so clients book specific time slots or you can not display your availability and ask clients when they would be available – both ways work. Whether you take full advantage of booxi’s online calendar or keep your own paper calendar, booxi works for you.
How secure is my data?
booxi is cloud based so your data is securely stored in the cloud, no need for backups, no worries when your computer is stolen or when you lose your smartphone. You can access your data from anywhere, but only you can access it if you do not share your password.
What OS is it compatible with?
booxi is available on Android and iPhone mobile devices (smartphones) and on PCs, laptops, and tablets from our website, no matter if you are Windows or Mac. booxi also has plans to launched its client mobile application providing a personal experience enhancing the communication between client and professional.
What is booxi?
booxi is a smart appointment booking solution with an online directory enabling consumers to find service providers and book appointments with them 24/7. It also helps professional and businesses doing their appointment management and provide them a virtual assistant for various administrative, marketing and business tasks. It is available as a mobile application for smartphones and a web application for PCs and Tablets.
How does it work?
booxi creates a web page for you that you can use as your website and enables clients to book appointments online from that web page. You can also add booxi’s Book Now button in your current website (similar to a facebook Like button). You can then receive appointment requests in your booxi application or by email, manage your appointments with booxi online or continue using your paper schedule. Your business will be listed in our online directory where clients can find you and book with you. Your clients will receive an email confirmation and an SMS reminders so they always show-up on time. booxi looks good and is very easy to use for both, you and your clients. Clients won’t even have to register a client account to book with you.
What if my computer breaks?
booxi is cloud based which means you will never lose your data and you can access them from any computer. If your computer breaks, you can use your smartphone, borrow another computer or use a tablet and access right away your booking – no service interruptions for your client and your personnel.
How do I start?
You install the mobile application from Google Play or iTunes Stores and register an account – you can also register online from this web site. Once your account is verified, make sure all your business information is accurate and put your profile online. Take the time to add pictures and descriptions so your website looks great. You are done, clients can find you in our online directory, look up your web site (we created for you) and book appointments with you. You will receive every appointment requests which you can confirm or let booxi do it for you. Your clients will receive email confirmation and reminders. From that point booxi will start learning from your business and later give you advice as well as perform marketing tasks for you.
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