“No Phone When I am With Customers!”

Testimonials    |   May 04, 2017

Isabelle is a self-employed professional in esthetic and the owner of Esthétique Isa-Belle.

5 years ago she was still very attached to her paper agenda. However her husband convinced her that online appointment booking had become a real competitive advantage, and that she needed to simplify the way customers book with her. In addition she was aware of the insane amount of time she spends over the phone to manage her schedule. These arguments brought her to use an appointment booking solution.

Isabelle had evaluated several solutions available on the market and started to use one of them for a while, to only find out about booxi later. When she tried booxi, she was immediately pleased withthe design, the simplicity of using it and by the booking experience it offers to her customers. So she decided to switch to booxi, and in few hours only she was ready to run her business with it.

Ever since, this change has only been positive for Isabelle.

90% of her customers book online, a huge timesaving.

online appointment

Because they can book appointments whenever they want, wherever they are, and it’s easy to do it.

Moreover, Isabelle has noticed that most appointments are booked after 9 PM. Some of them are even booked during the night or very early in the morning, while she is closed. Customers no longer need to call during their work hours, and they no longer hit the voicemail.

Appointments are automatically booked and Isabelle has a full schedule while hardly receiving any calls nor getting messages on her voicemail.

A huge decrease in phone calls.simplify-appointment-booking

Isabelle has always carefully respected one important rule:

No phone when I’m with a customer!

Which is why before using booxi, her customers were leaving voicemails, which she had to take on her free time to call them back by appointments priority, at the risk of getting in their voicemail in her turn, leaving another message. This endless exchange was a huge waste of time for both her and her customers.

Now, with booxi, Isabelle is much more efficient: if customers call and they get the voicemail, the message tells them they can book online or leave a message. No more waste of time on the phone.

She has increased the frequency of existing customers’ appointments, because they can now book when it’s the best time for them, and they find that really easy.

Simplified booking with instant adoption by customers

Finally with the «spacing after» feature, it’s easy for Isabelle to automatically include a busy time slot after each appointment without changing the customer’s appointment duration, and avoiding any confusion. Isabelle knows that she will have the time to clean up and to prepare the room for the next appointment, even when customers book appointments themselves. With booxi customers know how long their appointment is, and Isabelle can optimize her schedule.

busy time slot

Isabelle found booxi very easy to set up and to use. It’s also the feedback of her customers: It’s simple and easy to understand. Moreover one of my customer is 73 years old and she easily books her appointments with booxi.

Since Isabelle started offering online appointment booking with booxi, she has acquired lots of new customers!

People want to simplify their lives, so if you help them to do it they will be happy and talk about it.

Online appointment booking is a great competitive advantage and Isabelle knows it.

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