New booxi Feature: Multi-Service Online Booking

Product Features    |   May 27, 2021


Last updated: May 2021

In the beauty industry, customers tend to book more than one service at a time. For example, it could be a pedicure followed by a manicure, or multiple waxing services in the same appointment. Booking more than one service per customer has been available offline for a while, but it is now available for the customer to book online. This brand new feature will allow customers who book online to select more than one service during the same appointment. 


How to Use the New booxi Multi-Service Feature


Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind while using this new feature. 


  1. For the moment, only bookings with a selected personnel can have multiple services. This means that automatic dispatch is not supported at this time.
  2. Personnel availability must be made visible. 
  3. The customer can only combine services offered at the same location. For example: business, home, or phone/video conference.
  4. A maximum number of 5 services can be booked for one appointment at a time.
  5. For the moment, the shopping cart payment option is not supported. 

What to Expect During the Booking Process for Multi-Service

  1. Customers will click the ‘Book Now’ button as they normally do. 
  2. They will then select the desired service and their preferred personnel. 


3. Once these steps are completed, if the selected service can be combined, a new panel will appear showing a summary of the selected services.

a. Note that if a survey was requested for a service, it will be asked per service.

4. They will be able to click on ‘Add New Service’, which will bring them back to the selection of an additional service, and only the services that can be combined will be selectable.


5. The selection of a second service will not ask for a personnel as this one has already been selected, and they can move on to the date selection at any time, with a maximum of 5 selected services.

6. After these new steps have been completed, the usual date, time and client information panel will appear.

7. The appointment review panel will list the selected services and the appointment duration will match the sum of all service durations.

Keep in mind that this feature must be activated for you by our booxi team.



Nastassia Steavu
Nastassia Steavu
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