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Testimonials    |   Feb 17, 2017

Marie Leblanc testimonialMarie is the owner of the beauty Salon Marie Leblanc Esthétique. With a team of 5 people and very busy weeks with more than 140 appointments, the management of her members’ schedules was taking her too much time. In addition a lot of customers were forgetting about their appointment.

no more no-shows


No more no-shows!

Before using booxi, Marie had about 5 no-shows per week. Now she has a maximum of 1. At about 40$ per appointment, that’s about 160$ per week, or 640$ per month. It means more than 7680$ of additional revenues per year.

«All my customers get a reminder by sms. I love it, I have full confidence, they know that they have an appointment at a certain time the next day. A radical change for us!»
ΓÇö Marie Leblanc


Marie is a special case: a receptionist was managing all the calls and appointments for the beauty salon and for the hair salon next door. Marie was spending 800$ each month.

With booxi, 40% of her customers book now online, directly from her website or her Facebook page. As she doesn’t have a receptionist anymore, she earns an additional 9600$ per year.

New customers

In addition booxi brings her new customers. In 6 months, about 15 news customers have chosen her salon because she offers online appointment booking. Online appointment booking is a real competitive advantage and a considerable source of revenues.

Just imagine that these 15 new customers only came once in the past 6 months. At about 40$ per appointment, it represents: 40$ x 15 = 600$.

augmenter la fréquence des rendez-vous
Increased frequency of visits

Finally Marie has also noted that her customers come more regularly. Indeed before using booxi, customers were wasting time trying to book an appointment. First they had to think about it during open hours, that means often during their own working hours, and then they had to wait until the receptionist is free.
Now, with booxi, they can book wherever they are and when they think about it, even passed midnight, taking the time they want.

At the end of the year, Marie gets more than 17 300$ using booxi.

With a yearly plan at less than 480$ per year, the return on investment*, about 3500%, has been largely proven.

return on investment



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