Adding Online Booking to Your Website

Business Tips    |   May 15, 2020

Adding online booking to your website is a little technical but quite simple. Most non-IT people can do it in a few clicks when using a website designer tool such as weebly, wordpress and or others. But before your start, you must identify where in your website customers will be able to book online.

  • Where to add online booking
  • How to add online booking

Where Should You Add Your Online Booking

The short answer is: as many places as possible.It’s important to focus on accessibility and providing a contextual booking experience. Another important factor to look at is whether the booking is for a one time event (on a landing page) or will be used on an everyday basis (on your website).

  • Your Home Page should always have an obvious online booking link in your top menu, or in the main section.Make sure to give your customer the option to select their preferred store location, it has to stand out.
  • Your Store Locator can have an online booking button per store using a different API key per store.
  • You can add additional buttons in pages that are specific to a category or service. For example; at home services, rental, repairs, consultations, and so on.
  • You can also list different service offers for a specific category, service, or customer segment using service filters.
  • You can include online booking in popups that are triggered by the customer’s browsing activities if your website or e-commerce site has that capability.

Keep in mind that you can filter both the store location selection and the service offer using filters, and store selection is optional.

How to Add an Online Booking Button

Adding the booxi online booking as an iframe is the fastest option , and it provides the best customer experience. You can start by using our code generator to simply copy and paste the generated code snippet. The possibilities are endless, so we will just cover the most common ones here.

  • One button per store
  • One button for all stores with the store selection
  • A button for a limited list of services and locations
  • Pushing the customer identification to the online booking form
  • Customizing the button look
  • Customizing the color of selectors and buttons in the online booking iframe

Note: If your website tool is a little complex, create an online booking page that is flexible enough and use links to that page everywhere else.

Here is a link to the code generator:

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